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As Brazilian delegate at the OpenXML BRM , I really want to write about the details of that meeting, because I believe that everyone should know in detail what happened in that room, to understand that there are companies nowadays that are ill intentioned and without any ethical limit (sad, but true !!!).

Just to cite one example, I was recently advised that in a presentation at a NB (National Body from JTC1), it was used a SLIDE which was initially presented at the closing part of the BRM. I cannot write about the whole details, but my last contribution at the BRM, as a Brazilian delegate, I’ve asked to Mr Barta, representative from ITTF (ISO/IEC) and more or less “the judge” inside the room, that the text of that slide should be corrected, because on the way that it was presented it distorts everything that was discussed on that week. When I’ve finished my explanation, Mr Barta informed Mr. Oh (the secretary of SC34, from Japan, author of that slide and the person that was presenting it) that that slide and those numbers SHALL NEVER leave that room, because they didn’t summarize nor represent the results of the meeting. The slide didn’t also explain the process used by the meeting so it is meaningless to the people that wasn’t at the BRM. (issue solved ok? … no)

When I left the meeting and arrived at the hotel, I’ve discovered that a professional from the company that has submitted the specification to ECMA had already published the data the web, on his blog (and soon withdrawn… strange, right). To the people that don’t know what I’m talking about, it is about the absurd number of 98% of problems solved that Microsoft insists in use worldwide, committing a CRIME every time that uses or present those numbers.

I was in that meeting and I cannot write the details about it, why these people has this right? They really are above ISO and IEC? ISO and IEC will be seeing all this without take any action (ie those silent consent)?

The concrete fact is that I was informed by a colleague of Chile, that in last week, this slide (with the name of Mr. Oh on it) was used at a meeting of Chile’s NB. The slide was part of a presentation made by Microsoft to demonstrate how everything was resolved in OpenXML. This is a DISCLOSURE CRIME OR NOT?

I would like to register here this question to ITTF (ISO/IEC) about the validity of the “non disclosure” that we were asked during the BRM. I’ll also send an official question to ITTF and if I do not get a response in time, journalists from around the world can contact me because I will tell everything that everyone wants to know about the BRM.

I’m tired to be a treated as a CLOWN. Respect is a good thing and I really like it !!!


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  1. Rafael Bonifaz

    Hi Jomar,

    It just make no sense not to disclosed the whole meeting. All the documents, the audio should be public on the Internet so that everyone can have the opportunity to know what happened.

    Showing just part of a true is lying. Showing an slide of 98% accepted and not explaining how many of those where really discuss in a meeting is unethical.



  2. Miguel

    Microsoft is commenting from publicly available information Jomar.

    The BRM, held in February, passed 43 resolutions that resolved 1014 (98.7%) of the 1027 Responses, leaving only 13 (1.3%) not currently accepted. The details on the accepted dispositions (1014 = 189+825) can be found in the official ISO/IEC document Result of Proposed disposition of comments (available here http://www.itscj.ipsj.or.jp/sc34/open/09891.pdf). The details on the 43 resolutions can be found in the Resolutions of the Meeting (Available here http://www.itscj.ipsj.or.jp/sc34/open/0989.pdf).


    Chart: http://jonesxml.com/images/brmChart.png

  3. Yoon Kit

    Hello Jomar,

    I can confirm that Microsoft has been using the pie chart in all their ‘marketing’ material to convince TC members in Malaysia. Infact, its one of their first slides in their presentations. I too remember at the end of the BRM, that we were advised NOT to use this number outside the meeting because in no way an indication of the success / failure of the BRM.

    And still we see this being reported by all the Microsoft marketeers.

    Brian Jones has the Pie Chart (with updated? numbers) on his blog:

    And he fails to mention the advisory which Mr Barta announced at the BRM.

    The way to see through the Pie in the Sky is to look at the actual numbers and how its actually how each item was voted through.


  4. Anonymous

    This really sux.

    Do we need to uphold the law when it written by criminals to do harm than any good. Do we even call that a law or rule ? And even if someone breaks them is he doing any crime or doing the right thing ?

    Reminds me of the movie Crimson Tide in which Denzel Washington had to break his duty to do the right thing when those incharge are doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons !!

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  6. Jomar Silva


    The first point is that they’ve disclosed it BEFORE it comes to be public (a few minutes after the BRM has ended).

    The second point is that numbers means nothing without knowledge of the process (eg. do you think that the II World War was “not that bad” because 75% of the world’s population wasn’t attacked ?). I was at the BRM and I KNOW ALL THE DETAILS OF THAT SHAMED NUMBERS (and if you know it one day, will be shamed too).

    The third point is that Microsoft can tell the lie they want, but they CANNOT USE A JTC1/SC34 “NON PUBLIC, NON ACCEPTED AND NON SELF-EXPLAINABLE” SLIDE TO CONVINCE THE WORLD !!!

    So please, try to know all the details about the BRM and you’ll understand the SIZE OF THAT LIE !!!

    Shame on them …

  7. Finally: the details about the final results of the BRM | void life(void)

    […] informed in my penultimate post, I’ve contacted ISO and IEC (actually Mr. Gabriel Barta from ITTF), and he stated that he […]

  8. Alain EMPAIN

    Hello Jomar,
    I am a Belgian Federal representative about the OOXML case (biologist responsible of the IT infrastructure of the National Botanic Garden of Belgium).
    I read your blog about http://homembit.com/2008/03/after-all-brm-can-be-disclosed-or-not.html and one aspect interested me in connection with our own local experience during the OOXML meeting : if the ‘98%’ argument was officially criticized and dismissed during the BRM, then we, Belgian delegates, have a good counter argument because this [in]famous ‘98%’ argument was used during the last hour before the March definitive vote by the Belgian official Microsoft’s representative.

    Could you please elaborate with more details, and if possible with witnesses (names?) from other people present during the event at the BRM, to put the case in irrefutable shape for Pamela Jones.

    Thank you very much,

    Best regards,


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