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I’m very happy to see that one of the themes that has been effectively treated in the corridors, presentations, pronouncements and chats at was the ODF.

A year ago, when I were at FISL 8.0, I walked the corridors talking about ODF to everyone I knew and the vast majority of people only had a slight idea of what was ODF. At that time, I made a small participation in a Cezar Taurion’s presentation to talk about ODF and in a room with about 200 people, asked who knew the ODF: Between ten and twenty people raised their hands.

This year, in my presentation about ODF (with approximately 200 people), repeating the same question and I was very happy to see that only some 20 guys didn’t raised their hands. Vitório Furusho (a friend from CELEPAR, the governmental IT company of Paraná State), also made an excellent presentation about ODF, focusing the law approved in Paraná. His speech also had room full.

I also enjoyed walking through FISL’s corridors and find various participants chatting about ODF. Moreover, when I finished my presentation, I take part of a chat with several people, mostly young people between 17 and 22 years and something really surprised me.

At some moment of conversation, one of the participants asked (innocently): “And now that the OpenXML was approved in ISO, what happens?”

Before I could respond, there was a general and huge laugh among all other colleagues and to my surprise, the youngest of them simply said: “Man, you really believe in ISO? They are a complete joke… “. He was immediately supported by others (and I wasn’t even able to respond, given the “joke climate” that prevailed).

The lesson that I take out of this is that this boy, with his 17 years old should not be the only one in his generation who thinks so and therefore, for the next 80 or 90 years I think there will be many people in Brazil and worldwide that will be able to speak something like that about ISO (and with the power of  viral communication that they have, the things will be really hard to our friends from Geneva… so resolved :D ).

To crown the event, I discovered on the last day that one of the challenges of FISL’s “programming arena” (yes, a fish bowl with several hackers/nerds inside writing code 10 hours per day during 3 days) was implementing an ODF viewer to Maemo platform. In a few hours a group of developers managed to develop the viewer. The first information that I have on the subject can be found here, but I’m waiting a complete article from the arena organizers to post here in the coming days.

Announcements regarding the adoption and usage of ODF were made during the event and I really hope that in FISL 10, we can all celebrate together with the 10 years of event (and with the 10 thousand people that are expected there) the adoption of ODF as “the fact standard” in Brazilian market. Who knows if in the video-conference with the astronauts of the orbital station, planned for the closure ceremony of FISL 10, we can exchange an ODF document with them?

I would also like to thank again all those who organized the FISL and all participants of the event, especially the readers of my blog, that stopped me to chat at FISL. You managed a way to recharge my batteries to face another year of work in defence of the ODF: Thank you very much :)

Finally, I heard from a colleague that his friend put a cool nickname at Campus Party, and I really feel that it will have more sense to be adopted as the codename (and slogan) for the FISL 10 (and here is my suggestion to FISL’s organisers):


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