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OpenXML: Newton’s Third Law

September 1st, 2008

I’ve written before telling what I think about the ISO’s attitude, rejecting the appeals to OpenXML approval (btw, until the present day we haven’t received ISO’s  “official response” in Brazil… just the press release).

As far as I know, the countries that sent the appeals do not intend to appeal again, despite this be possible under the already broken JTC1 directives.

Thus, managers of the major IT governmental organizations in Brazil, Venezuela and South Africa wrote and co-signed an open letter to ISO, to express their dissatisfaction with the final result of this all.

The letter was also signed by managers of similar entities in Ecuador, Paraguay and Cuba, in a clear signal that this affected more people than I imagined.

Reading the text of the letter, I’ll not summarize anything here because it is worth be read in full, I reminded of Newton’s third law: “For every action there is an equal, but opposite, reaction.”

What about you? Do you agree with the letter’s content (post a comment) ?

3 Responses to “OpenXML: Newton’s Third Law”

  1. yoonkit

    My comments:


    And the CONSEGI conference looked great!


  2. Graucho

    Giving the reported abuses concerning fast-tracking ooxml,


    the letter is indicative of a breaking away from closed-behind-the doors, corruptable organizations to having transparency in commitees that can be publicly scrutinized.

  3. Jomar

    To Yonkit:

    Yes, CONSEGI was a great conference.

    It was the first time when I were able to discuss technical and political issues with a long term collective agenda in mind.

    Hope to see you here on CONSEGI 2009 !!! (the website www.consegi.gov.br will be permanent, and used to promote continuous debates)



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