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They did a better event (as if it was possible).

The Latinoware 2008 managed to be better than the previous edition, which makes us very anxious to Latinoware 2009.

I met with old friends and made many new friends all over Latin American continent. It was also very good to know some faces behind the emails.

ODF was again very cited throughout the event and highlighted at the opening ceremony, because Itaipu Binacional and the Technological Park of Itaipu (PTI) signed the Brasilia Protocol, publicly committing both institutions to pass from ODF adoption to the effective use of ODF as format of editable office documents. Itaipu Binacional is the biggest hydroelectric power plant in the world and also the biggest power plant on Latin America. PTI is Itaipu’s Tech Park.

Besides being the first entities “outside of Brasilia” to sign the protocol, Itaipu and PTI are two excelent allies by their influence, responsibility and proximity with Paraguay’s government, as well as being responsible for one of the most beautiful technological capacitation projects that I’ve ever seen in my life. Itaipu and PTI: Welcome the era of documents freedom.

Another very important announcement, which demonstrates the commitment of Itaipu with ODF, was the announcement that the company will develop a software to integrate OpenOffice with SAP. There is already a similar solution in the market for integration between the SAP and Microsoft’s office suite and beyond to develop such a solution, Itaipu will make it available as free software, allowing the entire world to use OpenOffice integrated with SAP. Brazil demonstrates again our real commitment with Free Software and Open Standards.

I would like to congratulate all persons involved in Itaipu with this flood of good news and now reaffirm my support on everything you guys need. Many thanks to the organization of Latinoware, which really makes a fantastic event.

To close the post today, I would like to make a special thank to Mr. Edson Praczyk (Parana’s state congress man and author of the ODF Law on Parana) by the public thanks he made to me during the opening ceremony of Latinoware. It is a pleasure to have you as partner on our cruzade, a person that tirelessly works to construct a better and more fair Brazil. Always count on me on that fight.

Right now I’m in Santiago (Chile), the last trip of the marathon. More news next Monday (including details about the adoption of ODF in Sweden, news I received last week but still could not investigate). I’ll also write about a wonderful project that I met at Latinoware, the “Alice Project”, but I consider that this project is so important for me that I need to do something special about it on next week.


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