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On the past years, we’ve seen a lot of mess on the standardization world, and in my opinion most of that mess just happened because “World has changed” but normalization fellas don’t.

Most of those folks are working with standardization since I was born (1974), and I recognize that it isn’t an easy task to understand and re-adequate themselves to the new world (and the new collaborative rules).

With that said, the major lesson that I took from the infame OpenXML approval at ISO is that the things will only change when people change, not only the standard’s developers but also the board members of Standards Development Institutions.

This is why I’m happy to see my friend Charles Schulz as a candidate for OASIS’s Board (the ballot ends on June 23).

I believe that OASIS is doing an excellent job, but I also believe that we really need to have people like us being prepared to occupy leadership positions on standardization institutions. People that are addicted to technology, but also addicted to the collaborative work and its benefits (most important on this case, transparency).

This is why I would like to ask you, if you have voting rights at OASIS, to vote on Charles Schulz.


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