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ODF in FISL 10

July 8th, 2009

The FISL 10 (International Forum of Free Software) was for me the best FISL ever, and I  consider myself a veteran on this event (yes, I’d anonymously circulated in the crowd on some past FISL editions and the atmosphere of freedom that I’ve breathe there gave me the courage and force to face the battles that I faced in recent years, but this part of the story most of you already know).

Two years ago, I went to the FISL VIII in Porto Alegre with the mission to start talking about ODF in Brazil and to alert the free software community that OpenXML was being evaluated by the ISO. At the time, few people knew ODF and practically nobody knew OpenXML.

This year I’m very happy to see that ODF is a unanimous at FISL and there are many people interested in starting the development and integration of ODF with several existing software. There is still much work ahead and I comment about it in this article that I wrote for the Espírito Livre Magazine (Free Spirit Magazine) on this month’s edition (available only in Portuguese, and for those who still don’t know it, it’s an excellent magazine about the Free World, developed collaboratively and using only Free Software).

Without doubt the greatest moment of this FISL was the visit and the speech of President Lula (Brazilian President). Done “from the heart”, as Jon maddog Hall commented, the President sent a clear message to those who thought that Free Software in Brazilian government was just fluff: It is a State policy and part of our development plan.

For those who wasn’t in Porto Alegre, or if was there but couldn’t watch the speech live, I recommend to see it here or its transcription in English here (I suspect that must me someone at Microsoft that is with a headache until today caused by this speech).

After the speech, when I left the room where the President spoke, I was very happy to see the joy of Furusho, because he gave an ODF cap to Lula and the crown took some photos of Lula with the cap. This is the kind of stuff that made Furusho’s work to be recognized by the ODF Alliance with the ODF Awards (and detail: it was Furusho’s initiative to produce the ODF shirts and caps and endure into the crowd to deliver them to President Lula. I really admire this crazy Nipo-Brazillian folk :) ).

Lula ODF

I think after this event, it is clear not only to Brazilians but to the whole world that here in our country, Free Software and ODF are State matters !

We’ll keep working because we now have even greater responsibility :)


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