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As if the dirty things he did with Brazil during the OpenXML BRM in ISO wasn’t sufficient, now Alex Brown suggests in his blog that Brazil shouldn’t be a SC34 member at JTC1. Reason: Brazil did not send delegates to the SC34 WG’s meeting in Paris last week!

Seeing that I was nominated as one of the Brazilian delegates, I want to make clear the explanation about my absence: I had no money to pay for my trip! (btw, since the middle of this year I don’t know what is “have money” for anything …).

For lack of time (and resources as well), we couldn’t send any other delegate to the meeting, but still committed to work strong  and with with great dignity at the SC34.

What makes me more angry with the arrogant and biased attitude English citizen, is to see what Brazil has done in recent months within the SC34:

- Reviewed and voted 4 documents with the corrections proposed to OpenXML, and rejected the 4 documents based on several technical comments, that could be summarized by one single phrase “you are attempting to approve as a corrigenda what should be voted as an amendment, given the technical impact of the relevance of the proposed changes.”

- Reviewed and voted 2 other OpenXML documents (amendments), and rejected both because some of the technical changes proposed were inadmissible, and wouldn’t fix the problems that have been swept under the carpet since the pathetic approval of OpenXML as an international standard (those 6 documents together have more than 800 pages).

- We have 4 Brazilian delegates participating in a new working group (WG6) of SC34, which will deal with ODF maintenance in ISO.

- Most of us did (and will do) all this work without receiving a penny from any company, using our rare spare time and weekends, for the pleasure of helping with the development of international standards and to honor the name of our Brazil in ISO.

Someone needs to tell Alex Brown that Brazil is the largest economy in South America, that we have much more expertise than his arrogance and bias let him see, and we’re on the international IT standardization scenario to stay. Furthermore, we are all the time inviting and motivating more and more Latin American brothers to participate in these international discussions, and we believe that this is the only way we have to defend our interests and finally leave the technological colonization that we lived in the last centuries.

In addition to attack Brazil, the idiot also attacks Malaysia, that also voted against some of the mentioned documents (and couldn’t be in Paris). He must be really angry to see “this bunch of third world fellas thinking that now they have word and can manifest themselves in international standardization efforts.”

I wrote this post to show everyone the type of person that we have to deal with in the international standardization world, and also the kind of low level tricks that these people are capable of doing.

I REALLY wanted to know who contributes more in a process like that: Who actually reads and analyzes a proposed international standard (and rejects it based on several technical issues), or who approves it without reading the text, using the name of their country for personal profit?

I am really outraged by Alex, but he can try everything he wants, because I’ll never give up from fighting for the things I believe, as much as he continually disrespects, without shame in his face, our Brazil.

Brazilian National hymn says:

“Shall see that your son doesn’t escape the fight!”

I thank Fernando Gebara to have immediately registered his (and our) repudiation about what the unhappy man wrote.


7 Responses to “Alex Brown wants Brazil out of the ISO !”

  1. Gustavo Noronha

    I thought ABNT was behind our delegates to that standards body? I feel your response is a bit too emotional - if the standards body requires meeting attendance, we need to make sure to provide it, or negotiate a change to the bylaws. Isn’t ABNT committed to this discussion?

  2. Jomar Silva

    ABNT is just “the house”. We need to provide our own funding !

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  5. Fabricio

    There was no brazilian in Europe able to attend the meeting, with at least a minimum level of competences to help it. I agree with Gustavo Noronha, we should at least be represented anyway.

  6. Alberto Barrionuevo

    Having worldwide powers as Azerbayan as A Members, what is little Brazil needed for, isn’t it? };-)

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