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5 years of ODF

May 3rd, 2010

On the May 1st, it was celebrated the fifth anniversary of the ODF 1.0 approval by OASIS ODF TC, and many interesting texts have been published since then. I waited a few days to post mine, and I see I did well, because now I can do an overview of what was written on the subject, and  we can clearly see that the ODF has really changed the market for office suites.


In my opinion, the most comprehensive of the articles is the one written by Rob Weir because he draws a historical line on the office applications since the 70s until today. This story can be summarized by the figure below, and in it is very clear that the office suite market experienced a blackout during the 90s.


Office Suites Timeline


The second article that I would like to highlight is David LeDuc’s one, from the ODF Alliance. In this article Davidm ade a comparison between office suite market, ODF development and evolution of the standard adoption by countries.


5 Years of ODF - Timeline


I was surprised today with an article published on the blog of another friend, Roy Schestowitz, which decided to illustrate his article with the photo below, showing President Lula with the ODF cap. This photo was taken at FISL 10, and who did the cap and gifted the President with it was my tireless friend Vitorio Furusho, who received the ODF Awards last year, in recognition of the work he has done for the dissemination and adoption of ODF in Brazil.


President Lula ODF Cap


I closely follow the development of ODF on daily basis in the past three years, and despite the break to celebrate five years of success, we have too much work ahead. ODF wins more and more users each day, and increasingly annoys those who struggle to maintain the “status quo”.


Those who follow my blog may have noticed that I didn’t wrote anything here on the past months, and many have questioned the reason for this disappearance.


I went through a series of difficulties in my professional life, and those caused me a serie of problems on my personal life in recent months, and without the unconditional support I receive from my family and my friends, I confess I would have thrown in the towel and given up battling for both the ODF and the Open Standards as I did in recent years. The difficulties were such that simply lost the will to write. It is very sad to see that after all the things I did in the past, I still fighting against a series of closed doors that don’t allow me to continue my work, but I believe this is just another obstacle that I’ll dribble.


I confess that is very, very difficult to a Latin American to get space and fair working conditions to allow work with the devotion that I’ve dedicated to ODF and Open Standards, but stubbornness is our main strength down here.


Glad to see that today, with ODF completing five years, we Latin Americans are leaving the role of mere users of IT to increasingly participate in the international development of standards and technology. If someone told me it would be easy, I certainly would not have stumbled upon the challenge.


Congratulations ODF, congratulations OASIS ODF TC and congratulations to all the friends who have struggled so much to spread ODF worldwide.


Stealing a phrase from the brilliant Raul Seixas (probably the most popular and controversial musician in Brazilian pop culture, something like our “Bob Dylan + Frank Zappa” on a single package): “I’m much more beautiful but far more dangerous, I learned to be quiet and start all over again: what I want, I’ll have! “


To my enemies, I just remind a message given a few years ago: I am Brazilian, and we never give up!


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