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ODF 1.2 is approved at OASIS

October 4th, 2011

A few months ago I wrote a post announcing the completion of the ODF 1.2 development. On past Friday (September, 30), it was officially announced the approval of the standard at OASIS, and Rob Weir has published an excellent post on his blog telling a little bit of the history behind the specification, listing its contributors and celebrating the announcement.

I’m really happy to see the number of companies who voted for its approval at OASIS (no one voted against it), because the vote is open to all OASIS members and isn’t a mandatory vote. The minimum number of votes required for approval was 49 and we had 76 votes at the end.

To make it easy to find later, I’m publishing here the list of companies who voted for the approval of the standard, and I’m surprised to see some names in this list:

ACORD Corporation
AITI-Associazione Italiana Tesorieri de Im.
ASG Software Solutions
Akamai Technologies
Ars Aperta
Axway Software
Sursen Electronic Technology Co, Ltd
Booz Allen Hamilton
CA Technologies
Collaborative Fusion, Inc.
DeltaXML Limited
Deutsche Boerse AG
Deutsche Telekom AG
Eurobits Technologies
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
Fujitsu Limited
Genus Technologies, LLC
Hippo B.V.
Hitachi, Ltd.
ISIS Papyrus America Inc.
Intellegere Foundation, Inc.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA)
KDE e.V.
LSI Corporation
Larson Software Technology, Inc.
Lexmark International Inc.
LonMark International
MTG Management Consultants, LLC.
Missouri Office of State Courts Admin.
MultiRacio Ltd.
NXP Semiconductors Netherlands b.v.
National Center for State Courts
National Institutes of Health
Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration
Neustar, Inc.
New Zealand Government
Newelo Oy
Nokia Corporation
North American Energy Standards Board
OpenDocument Format Alliance (ODFA)
PSLX consortium
Polish Association of Translation Agencies
PrimeKey Solutions AB
Primeton Technologies, Inc.
Red Hat
SDL International
SailPoint Technologies
Siemens AG
Sonnenglanz Consulting
Stichting Centrum voor Wiskunde & Informatica
Symantec Corp.
TIBCO Software Inc.
Thales e-Security
The Boeing Company
Tradeshift Network Ltd.
Tridium, Inc.
UOML Alliance
US Department of Defense (DoD)
University of Rostock, Germany
WeWebU Software AG
Wellfleet Software Corporation

As you can see, we have in this list some companies that worked on the development of the standard, traditional IT companies, other standards committees, governments and also  large users of electronic documents.

What I’m very pleased with this approval and with the ODF 1.2, is that many of the problems pointed during the past years are now solved, and we also added new features that will be fundamental for ODF to become soon the “de facto” standard for office documents in the entire market.

The main highlights in this version of the standard, which now has 1,217 pages are OpenFormula (complete specification of spreadsheet formulas), support for RDFa/RDF metadata (the documents are now part of the semantic web) and support for digital signatures, the reason why I joined the ODF TC, to ensure that the ODF’s digital signatures specification was compatible with the ICP-Brazil (Brazilian Government Public Key Infrastructure).

We already have several applications using ODF 1.2 and the adoption of this version for other applications is now a matter of time.

We must now prepare the specification for sending it to ISO (to update the ISO/IEC 26.300:2006), and also continue working on the development of ODF 1.3.

I want to leave here my public “thank you very much” to all those who contributed directly or indirectly with the development of ODF 1.2, with the adoption of standard at the market and a special thanks to all who helped me to face the challenge of participating in a development like this on the past four years of work. A Brazilian worked in the specification and therefore, the ODF is the most Brazilian of all the office documents standards :) !


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